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Directly from the german manufacturer - Specht poultry cage systems since 1967 using the highest quality materials. Since its foundation the company has been researching and innovating to accomplish the highest standards as well the best results from your birds.

Today we have developed all kind of cage systems. We also offer versatile solutions that meet the “cage free” requirements without compromising your profit, as well as ventilation, air conditioning equipment. and manure drying system including the manure-drying-tunnel.

Complete farm installation, adjustment to each poultry house and custom-made solutions due to our own production site in Sonsbeck (Germany).

Our products are around the world, they are installed in more than 60 countries

Products and services

Specht is manufacturer of high quality systems for all kinds of birds: belt rearing battery, belt laying battery for commercial layers,  parent stock battery for artificial Insemination, group cages for layer breeders, broiler rearing systems, floor systems for laying hens and parent stock management, as well as versatile solutions according to the European Standards of animal welfare

Specht battery for the laying hens

Good reasons for our battery for laying hens:
- The Cage floor shows a light curvature without birds. In this manner it is counteracted agains sagging and the eggs roll gently to the egg belt
- the feeding is done by means of feed hoppers with patented dosing slides , the dosage of smallest feed amounts is possible
-The eggs are transported over the yellow Trevira-egg belts. It is easier to wash, it does not stretch when washing and it does not need to be removed during the sanitization

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Manure draying tunnel

Adventages of the Specht Manure-drying tunnel:
- Reducing the ammonia content by 95%
- The manure can be distributed on the fields as dry matter and be sold as high quality fertilizer
-Dry content of the manure up to 90 % or above. Weight reducing of the manure
- Reducing environmental pollution

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