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CSB-System AG stands for global software excellence in the food and beverages sector. Since 1977, we successfully provide worldwide consultancy, implementation and support services for projects of any business size.

As a leading software manufacturer and provider of specialized IT solutions for corporate management and process control, we optimize the processes of our customers and create significant competitive advantages.

From primary sector to consumer, from management decision to implementation at the machine: with the CSB-System, our customers control and automate the flows of information and materials throughout the entire value chain. The modular and scalable industry-specific solution is specialized for any type of operations.

CSB-System AG
An Fuerthenrode 9 – 15
52511 Geilenkirchen

Phone: +49 245 16250
Fax: +49 245 1625291
Internet: www.csb.com
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Contact person

Elena Inshakova
Phone: +49 151 18265218
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CSB-System, Ltd
Valovaya street, house 30
115054 Moscow

Phone: +7 495 6415156
Fax: +7 495 6415156
Internet: www.csb.com
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